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Toddler with Wooden Toys


The one year old class is a big step from our infant class! In this stage students will be  experiencing so many new things. From foods and textures, to communication and movement, every learning moment is sure to be exciting and memorable!

kids looking at fish


Our Curriculum for ages 2-3

At this stage of their lives our babies are endlessly curious & still learning how to interact with their immediate surroundings. So our curriculum is curated for them to discover their world!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Four & Five's

Our full curriculum for ages 4-5

At this age our babies are now ready for a higher level of learning. They will begin to discover reading and writing, as well as simple math and science in an environment that will encourage them to love learning and stay curious. You will have a part to play as well as they will begin to bring back home work!!!

Kids Running


Free VPK!!!

VPK is a program focused on preparing our babies for success in kindergarten and beyond! VPK is free From 8:30am-12pm if you are eligible for the SR Enrollment program. If you are interested in joining this program click HERE to see if you Qualify

Teacher and Kids in Library

Wrap Around VPK

Full Day VPK

While free VPK classes end at 12pm we offer full day VPK care as well. All the benefits of VPK and all day care put together!

kids looking at fish

After school

After School care

Our After school program is for our students in elementary school we provide transportation to and from Bonita Charter Elementary School. Our after school program also covers any School breaks such as Winter break, Spring break, & any other breaks that warrant time off school!!!

Want to learn more? We have Part Time and Drop In program options as well! if you are interested in either of these options or just have questions about our programs in general don’t hesitate to give us a call  and one of our staff members will gladly answer all of your questions.

Image by Michael Cox


A Perfect Fit For Your Child

Full day care  for our babies 5 weeks to 1 year old. This is the perfect place for your infant to start developing all the motor skills they will need for the next stage of their lives

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