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It's party time and we need your help!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Party season just started here at L.O.V.E. and its not going anywhere anytime soon! We have tons of upcoming events, parties, game days, dances, hunts, trips, stay ins, in-fact you name it we probably have it coming up! Not to mention the best part of it all most of our events are completely free. ( if you want specific dates and time please go to our home page and look at our upcoming events )

These are photos from our most recent event 😆

Most of our events are free!!! awesome right? we love to provide safe places for the whole family to have fun, & it also gives us time to spend with our kiddos! So where do our parents come in? well since our events for the most part are free we do ask if you guys (the parents) Could bring donations relative to the event at hand, our combined efforts are sure to make for the ultimate party!

So What Can We Donate?

Great question! Specific donations will vary by event but donations include and are not limited to

  • Snacks

  • Food (non perishable)

  • Toys/ and School Supplies

  • Water/ Juices

  • Financial

There of course are more things you can donate like books, and clothes and many other things that we would be happy to accept. We have many families in need and are always looking for some way to help. Thank you for sticking around this long, and if you would like more information please call or message us. All of our contact info can be found on our contact us page!!!! ❤️

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